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OJK Opens Investigation Into Alleged Embezzlement at Bank Victoria Syariah (BVS)


The Financial Services Authority (OJK) has opened its voice regarding the alleged disappearance of customer money at Bank Victoria Syariah (BVS). Previously, PT Pool Advista Finance Tbk (POLA) announced ownership of company deposit funds worth IDR 13.5 billion in BVS.

However, the deposit was not paid by BVS on the grounds that the deposit funds were allegedly embezzled by unscrupulous employees. This information was also known to POLA as the owner of the deposit funds when he was summoned by the police for questioning.

Chief Executive of OJK Banking Supervision, Dian Ediana Rae, said that his party had received reports from banks and customers regarding this issue.

“OJK has received reports from the Bank and complaints from several customers regarding incidents of embezzlement of customer funds by unscrupulous Bank employees,” he said to detikcomThursday (4/1/2024).

He further explained that the OJK had taken the necessary steps in accordance with the provisions and encouraged the accelerated resolution of these problems by asking banks to resolve customer complaints in accordance with POJK No.6/POJK.07/2022 concerning Consumer and Public Protection in the Financial Services Sector. He said BVS was committed to solving this case.

“The bank has committed to resolving the case in accordance with POJK Consumer Protection and has reported the perpetrator to law enforcement officials, the process is still ongoing to this day,” said Dian.

He also hopes that problems between banks and customers will be resolved soon.

“It is hoped that problems between the Bank and several customers can be resolved immediately after clarification and settlement agreements are made,” said Dian.


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