Starting from IDR 250 Million, Wuling Air ev Becomes the Cheapest Electric Car in Indonesia!


Wuling Motors officially announced the price of its newest electric car, Air ev. This car is priced at an estimated price of Rp. 250 million for the DKI Jakarta area. Wuling Air ev is also the cheapest electric car in Indonesia!

For information, Wuling Air ev is offered in two variants, namely standard range and long range. The standard variant of the estimated price range is IDR 250 million, while the long range model has an estimated price of IDR 300 million.

When compared to various electric car models that have been previously launched by Tesla, Lexus, Renault, Hyundai, and MINI, Wuling Air ev certainly has a much cheaper price.



The following is a list of prices for passenger class electric cars in Indonesia:

  1. Wuling Air ev Standard Range: IDR 250,000,000
  2. Wuling Air ev Long Range: IDR 300,000,000
  3. Renault Twizy: IDR 595,000,000
  4. Hyundai Ioniq Electric: Rp 682.000.000
  5. Hyundai Kona Electric: Rp 742.000.000
  6. Hyundai Ioniq 5: Rp 718,000,000 – Rp 829,000,000
  7. Nissan Leaf: Rp 728.000.000
  8. MINI Electric: Rp 945.000.000 – Rp 955.000.000
  9. Lexus UX30e: Rp 1.431.000.000
  10. Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus: Rp 1.500.000.000
  11. Tesla Model Y Long Range: Rp

In his official statement, Wuling explained that this car can be purchased in three ways. First at the official Wuling dealer, then online via, or the exclusive e-commerce partner,

Wuling Air ev is claimed to have several advantages, including being supported by a sturdy frame and wrapped in a future-tech exterior design that combines technological and futuristic elements. Easy charging because it can be done at home is also one of the advantages of this electric car. Wuling also ensures that the safety of the battery in this electric vehicle is guaranteed, so that consumers can feel calm during the trip.

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