Officially, “Transfer is compulsory and everyone is obligatory.” Telecom Egypt announces that all its customers will transfer the price of the new internet packages at the new price, and the ultra will reach 700 Mega by 310 pounds

Telecom Egypt announced the prices of the new internet packages for all of its customers, and the company sent to its customers text messages stating that they would move on the new packages, which everyone will move to forcibly, and Telecom Egypt had announced this step since last July, and from tomorrow everyone will be forced to transfer New packages at their new speeds and at the new price.

According to the text messages received by the customers, the new internet rates will be applied starting from the next month, January 2020, and this December will be the end of the old and traditional packages and speeds.

In July of this year, the Egyptian Telecom Company announced the application of the system and new packages, after the infrastructure was developed and the Internet speed was raised, which will start from 30MB speed instead of the traditional old speeds of 5MB per second.

Today, Acting Chairman of the National Communications Regulatory Authority, Mostafa Abdel Wahed, affirmed that in the past the customer was entitled to remain on the old system, with the contract renewed annually, except that in the new system that applies from the beginning of next January, everyone will be transferred to a system Internet The new high-speed, with introducing the customer to the new prices.

We present to our followers the following new internet packages prices starting from the beginning of next year, and these prices came according to the following tables:


The first package “Super” is divided into three packages
1- Super 140 GB download capacity, 30 MB download speed with 120 EGP.
2- Super with a capacity of 250 GB at 210 pounds.
3- Super with a download capacity of 600 GB at a price of 500 pounds.

The second package Mega bundle with a capacity of 250 GB at a price of 310 pounds per month.

The third package Ultra Package is divided into two packages
1- 250 GB download capacity, 410 EGP.
2- Ultra 600 GB download capacity at 700 pounds per month.


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