“Unfortunately he is not fair”

“Unfortunately he is not fair”: Gesine Schwan complained about Juso boss Kevin Kühnert in hard words – and explains why she is so disappointed.

The failed in the race for the SPD chair Gesine swan has massive criticism of the state of the party, but above all of Juso boss Kevin Kühnert uttered. “I once valued Kevin Kühnert very much, but I admit that two things disappointed me very much: unfortunately he is not fair, as I originally thought,” said Schwan to the “Nordkurier” (Thursday). “I have noticed that in the past few months. He also introduced agreements on the member vote, which torpedoed the goal of the basic election.”

Swan had been with last year Ralf Stegner candidate for the SPD chair. However, they ended up in last place. Ultimately, it was not the individual members who made the decision, but the result was practically “determined by what is called middle management in business”. “Specifically, by the Juso chairman Kevin Kühnert and the state board of North Rhine-Westphalia, who campaigned for Norbert Walter-Borjans and Saskia Esken had said. Many social democrats of the major subdivisions followed that. “

Schwan identified four topics in the party that had major differences: Above all, she mentioned the asylum and refugee policy: “There are many good decisions here, but the leadership has always been afraid that politics will cost votes.” Other fields are economic and financial policy, solidarity with neighboring European countries and a lack of a concept of how economy and ecology can be conveyed concretely. “Kevin Kühnert has recently raved about our unity, but it doesn’t really exist.”

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