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October is back on time! Meteorologists with a desperate forecast …

Precipitation and fresh cooling are coming in the middle of the new week, NIMH forecasters predict. In the first half, however, it will be mostly sunny, in the morning in places with reduced visibility or fog. Minimum temperatures will decrease, in contrast to maximums, which will continue to rise, mostly in mountainous regions.

As for today, temperatures in the country will be between 3 ° and 8 °, along the Black Sea between 10 ° -14 °; in Sofia – about 4th, NIMH reports.

The atmospheric pressure will continue to rise and will be significantly above the average for the month.

Sunday will be mostly sunny all over the country. Before noon there will be fog in some places in the cavities and around the water bodies. It will blow lightly, in the eastern areas with a moderate north-easterly wind. Maximum temperatures will be between 16 ° and 21 °, in Sofia – about 18 °.

It will be mostly sunny in the mountains. It will blow in a moderate north-northeast wind. The maximum temperature at 1200 meters altitude is about 12 °, at 2000 meters – about 5 °.

On the Black Sea it will be mostly sunny with a moderate northeasterly wind. Maximum temperatures: 16 ° -19 °. The sea water temperature is 18 ° -19 °. The emotion of the sea will be 3-4 points.

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