Northeastern Artist Crossing the River to Return to the Country of Origin


In 2014, Lim Ji Hyun came to South Korea after running away from North Korea. In the land of Ginseng, Lim Ji Hyun lives as an artist, Mother.

However, in 2017, he appeared in a North Korean propaganda video. Quoted from BBC, Lim Ji Hyun appeared wearing traditional Korean clothes with white nuances and claimed to be named Jeon Hye Sung.

In the video, Lim Ji Hyun reveals why he went to South Korea. He admits that he is captivated by the fantasy that he can eat well and earn a lot of money there.

The short-haired woman later said that she had a hard life in South Korea and was forced to slander North Korea. North Korean defectors This states that they have returned to their home country voluntarily because they miss their parents.

The appearance of Lim Ji Hyun shocked the public. There have been allegations that he was actually kidnapped and forced back home by North Korea.

However, in his second video released on the North Korean website Uriminzokkiri, Lim Ji Hyun denied all of the allegations. Reported The Straits Times, he stressed that the issue of kidnapping by the North Korean Ministry of Security was a lie and fabrication.

According to the site NK News, Lim Ji Hyun also emphasized that he was not punished by the North Korean government. In this caption, Lim Ji Hyun said that he “swam across the Amnok (Yalu) River” to return to North Korea and lived in Munbong-dong, Anju City in South Pyongan Province.

Not only that, Mother. Lim Ji Hyun also denied reports that his decision to return to North Korea was taken after separating from his girlfriend.

After the circulation of Lim Ji Hyun’s video, the truth of what he said was doubted. However, South Korean authorities believed the woman in the video was Lim Ji Hyun and immediately started an investigation.

Lim Ji Hyun did not want to bother responding to reports that the police South Korea is looking for a 10-year arrest warrant for him. He is accused of violating national security laws.

“I’ve heard of it but it’s not my country. So what does it mean (to me), even if they make a 10, 100, or 1,000 year arrest warrant? It’s because I’ll never look back and come back (to South Korea), “he said.

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