Nora Alexandra Called Barren, Sad to Want to Drink Poison


JAKARTA Nora Alexandra called barren by netizen . After knowing this, Nora admitted that she thought and felt sad to the point of wanting to drink poison.

Wife’s wish Jerinx SID this case for suicide started from netizens on Instagram who called him barren. Suddenly, Nora did not accept the netizen’s statement.

He replied and asked for proof that he was barren. Nora then shared a screenshot of the netizen’s comments on Instagram Story. This is known from Nora’s personal Twitter post.

“The barren,” wrote a netizen quoted Wednesday (21/7).

“@bungacollections.mkssr, please prove that I’m barren,” replied Nora.

Meanwhile, on Twitter Nora also expressed her sadness. He firmly said that if he was not infertile, his uterus was healthy and had been pregnant even though he miscarried.

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“To be honest, yesterday I was really thinking about this slanderous comment, I’m not infertile, my uterus is healthy and I was pregnant before but I had to miscarry because I was too passionate about sports,” said Nora.

Can’t stand the scorn of netizens, bluntly, Nora admits that she wants to end his life by drinking poison. Moreover, these comments made Nora feel that her life was useless.



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