“Nong Cream” chasing “Nival” distant around 8 people “Yonex Thailand Open”

“May” Supanida Ketthong, 46th hand in the world, defeated Eve Genya Kosetskaya, the top 25 hand in the world from Russia, 2-0, game 21-16, 21-8, used 29 minutes. “May” Supanida passed into the quarter-finals to meet with Carolina Marin, the fifth ranked hand in the list of sixth hand in the world from Spain, who beat “Mew” Pornpavee Chochu. Wong, the number 13 hand in the world, came overwhelmingly 2-0, the game 21-8, 21-12 spent 34 minutes.

Mixed doubles category for the second round (16 pairs) “M” Supak Chom Koh and “Fame” Suphisara Pure Sampran, world number 44 guide, defeated Pravine Jordan with Melati De Wa Tavianti Guide placed # 2 of the list, guide number 4 in the world from Indonesia, go for a close 0-2 game 14-21, 20-22 for 29 minutes.

Men’s singles, second round main draw (16 people) “View” Kulawut Wititsan, the 29th hand in the world, was defeated by Anthony Sinnizuka, the 5th place in the list. World from Indonesia 0-2 games 16-21, 19-21 game time for 42 minutes, “Petch” Kosit Jeweler, the number 33 hand in the world, defeated Erasmus Gamke, the world‘s number 17 hand from Denmark. Going overwhelmingly 0-2, 20-22, 8-21 games spent 49 minutes, “Gun” Kantaphon Wangcharoen, the top 15 hand in the world, lost to Victor Azelsen, the 4th hand of the list, 4th hand Of the world from Denmark 0-2 games 13-21,17-21 take the match 41 minutes

Female Duet category, Main Draw 2nd Round (16 pairs), “Gift” Jongkonphan Kititharakul and “Vue” Ravinda Pray, deliberately, guide number 11 in the world, beat Emili Lafel with Anné Tran Guide number 30 in the world from France. Easy 2-0. Games 21-9 and 21-13. Game spent 39 minutes. “Gift” Chongkonpun and “View” Ravinda entered the quarter-finals to meet. With Lakshika Kallah and Atitya Povanon who won through Yuki Fukushima with Sayaka Hirota, the 1st place guide of the list of the world‘s number 1 guide from Japan. After the Japanese team withdrew from the competition for the whole team, “Popo” Supsiri Taerattanachai and “Earth” Phutthita Supajirakun, the world‘s number 20 guide, lost to Grecia Polly with Ah Priyani Rahayu, the 5th place guide of the list, the number 8 guide in the world from Indonesia 0-2 games 18-21, 13-21, play time 58 minutes.

Khunying Pattama Leesawattrakul President of the Badminton Association of Thailand said: “The overall performance of Thai athletes today Well done according to goals, starting from the female singles category, “May” Supanida was able to advance to the quarter-finals, while “Cream” performed well, using freshness, than playing a marathon to defeat Nival. Taking over an hour In the single male category. Both “Together” and “View” have performed well, but have to admit that “View” shows great results, whether it is playing techniques and skill, only being second to the attacking rhythm. At “KUN”, the training results under the new system Excellent performance with better netting games But still unable to resist Victor’s strength “

“In the female couple category As expected, “Gift View” was able to beat the French counterpart with ease, while “BASPOP” once again showed excellent standards. Fixed the situation that was secondary in the first game. Then came to win in the last two games, and “Mew” has to admit that today Marine came really well, both speed and weight make us irresistible. “

While Sina Nehwal, the world‘s top 20 women’s single-handed badminton player from India That can participate in badminton competitions in the other 2 events in Thailand After the COVID-19 test The last time it was negative was revealed via sntv.com praising the Thai government for making the badminton tournament going on. Feel safe about being a Thai host Everything is great I would like to applaud the organizers who handled everything well. Especially preventing COVID-19, saying that something is still dangerous The world suffered from COVID. And in fact I was hurt by it during the month of November. And in India, as you know, many are infected.

“I feel good about the way the Badminton World Federation is holding the tournament again. Thanks to the Thai government That keeps this competition going on It’s not an easy job But everyone, including me, is very pleased. Athletes feel safe Everything is great They have to applaud the competition that has handled everything so well, ”Nehwal said.


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