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Keisuke Honda (34), who has announced that he will leave Brazil’s veteran Botafogo and is aiming to return to Europe, talked about the uproar over the video of a dinner with his teammates leaked in Brazil on the 14th.

Talk about “Farewell party” for about 17 minutes in the premium voice service “NowVoice” (, which is a joint venture of a company where you are the CEO. There is.

I explained this situation by interacting with the listeners I invited.

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“Today, I saw the news that something was wrong at the meeting I held when I left Botafogo,” he began explaining.

The meeting itself is at the end of December. Honda sponsored and invited the teammates and staff who took care of him to lunch after practice, saying, “I want to say goodbye at the end.” “I think there are about 20 people in total.” There were less than 20 participants, and there were also band members who were excited about the venue. There was also a scene in the video where Honda danced.

First of all, “In fact, there is no doubt that many people are infected (with the new coronavirus) and die, but if anyone is offended by it, I have to say’I’m sorry’. But the party I have no intention of opening it. “

However, when asked about the pros and cons of holding a meal and a dinner place for a large number of people in this corona disaster, he said, “If anyone thinks so, I have to apologize. I didn’t mean to do that.”

After that, do you regret having held it? When asked, he declared, “I have no regrets” and “I have no regrets at all.”

“I haven’t done anything shameful about the farewell party. Rather, my only regret was that I should have practiced more dance. I was forced to switch to a topic like” Much Honda, Moonwalk is delicious. ” What I didn’t have was my ability, “he said at the end with a joke.

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Due to the outflow of the dinner video of some Honda and Botafogo players, a turmoil is occurring in Brazil. Due to the behavior of the corona stagnation and the sluggishness of the club, it has been exposed to considerable criticism, which has spread to Japan.

Honda posted in English on Twitter before uploading this audio. “I’m sorry to my friends in Botafogo. They were criticized for having the first and last lunch together. But I’m grateful that you came.” He wrote, and then concludes to those who speak out, “No matter how much you hate me, I am grateful.”


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