“No occasional relationships and anti-contagion practices”

TREVISO – In times of pandemic, better do it kinda weird. Coronavirus prevention measures also creep between the sheets. Doctors suggest avoiding it during this time sexual intercourse with casual partners. But even stable couples can take measures to reduce the risk of contagion. Such as? By striving to make love, avoiding positions that imply excessive proximity between faces.

It’s always a question of buccal rhymes, as the ministry would say. Without forgetting that even in bed you can wear the mask. Is it uncomfortable and does it reset kisses? The doctors, stressing once more that it is not dangerous, remind that there are already those who wear it just as a sexual game. Matter of taste. The alternative is to do everything independently with self-eroticism. It is the anti-contagion sexual practice par excellence. As long as you don’t forget about hygiene.


You can smile, but the subject is serious. The advice comes directly from the column against unfounded news in the field of medicine, “Doctor, but is it true that …?”, Edited by the National Federation of Orders of surgeons and dentists. They were put in black and white by Salvo Di Grazia, a specialist in Gynecology, originally from Catania but in service for years in the hospitals of the former Usl of Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto, which became a national reference through Medbunker, its anti-hoax blog in the field of health.

“Sexual intercourse doesn’t seem to transmit the disease. But it is obvious that the inevitable proximity is in any case a risky behavior – explains Di Grazia – it being understood that the most common sexual practices are not recommended in case of contagion, in the quarantine period and in the suspicion of disease, there is no reason for limiting oneself to sexual activities in presumably healthy couples who do not show signs of contagion “.
This is where the suggestions for solving the distancing knot come into play, which in bed is basically impossible. “It’s just a matter of common sense. A tip is to avoid, if possible, positions that involve proximity to the partner’s face and, if desired, wear a mask. It is not dangerous. Indeed, there are those who wear it during intimate intercourse as a “sexual game” – underlines the doctor – the international health authorities, then, with advice that seems ironic but which instead is simply obvious, argue that the only sexual activity that avoid contagion is masturbation. Always without forgetting hygiene ».

Nobody wants to harness sexual relations. In all likelihood it would be impossible. The goal, on the contrary, is to dismantle some fears related to Covid that have already manifested themselves in many beds. Even between married, cohabiting or engaged people. «It does not seem that sexuality can be a direct transmission route for SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19. Sexual intercourse, however, can indirectly be a cause of contagion due to the impossibility of distancing, difficulty in using the means of protection and the presence of biological fluids that can be exchanged. The perception of this risk in the population led, in the first months of the pandemic, to a decrease in sexual relations even among stable couples – concludes Di Grazia – hygiene remains the first weapon to minimize the risk of transmission. Just as it is correct to avoid sexual intercourse with people, even with whom you have stable relationships, who present symptoms that are referable or suspected for Covid-19 or who are positive for the infection.

Good intimate hygiene, thorough cleaning of the body and hands and disinfection of objects and sex toys, before and after intercourse, are essential. When the sexual partner has had the disease, it is good to avoid intercourse in the presence of symptoms and, in any case, for thirty days after their appearance. The precautions to be taken to avoid the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 are additional to those commonly recommended for sexually transmitted diseases ».

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