Honda provides fast Red Bull from Verstappen through new engine setting

A week after Honda announced that it will leave F1 at the end of 2021 is the Eifel Grand Prix. It creates special conditions in Germany, as it is very cold, rainy in the nature reserve and therefore a lot of fog. As a result, the Friday training sessions have already been canceled and it remains to be seen what the weather will be like today.

Red Bull Racing started yesterday during the third free practice, the first kilometers of this weekend, well. The Austrian team continued this in qualifying, as Max Verstappen could compete for pole position, but eventually has to start third.

Nevertheless, the 23-year-old Verstappen spoke positively about the Red Bull and also about the engine. He has taken a step: “I cannot go into details, but we have made a step forward.”

New motor setting

The Dutchman did not want to say what Honda did exactly, but Toyoharu Tanabe of Honda did: “We only had one hour of free practice to adjust the engine for qualifying and training. We also used a new engine program. and it turns out to work. “

The Japanese was again full of praise about Max Verstappen: “Max Verstappen drove another very strong qualifying. Alex Albon also did well, so we are third and fifth on the starting grid with Red Bull-Honda.”

Tanabe expects cold temperatures again for this afternoon’s race: “We expect cold temperatures again during the race, but we have collected enough data and are well prepared for the race, even when it gets cold. I expect we will have a competitive race. . “


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