NIPH: Infected fully vaccinated received the same vaccine

On Wednesday night, it became known that seven fully vaccinated residents at the Gystadmyr residential and activity center at Jessheim had been diagnosed with the coronavirus. Two of them are hospitalized.

Preben Aavitsland, chief physician at the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH), confirms to ABC News that all the current residents at the nursing homes had received the corona vaccine from Pfizer.

Nursing home residents in Norway have either received the vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna.

“That so many fully vaccinated people become infected and ill has not happened before,” says Aavitsland VG.

– We think it’s just bad luck, but we are considering all possibilities, the superior adds.

Municipal chief physician: The deceased was seriously ill

Six fully vaccinated residents at Rovik residential and activity center in Sandnes have also been infected with the coronavirus. One of the infected died on Wednesday.

– He was over 85 years old with a serious underlying disease. What a person dies of goes under the duty of confidentiality, but he was infected with covid-19, says municipal chief physician Hans Petter Torvik in Sandnes to NRK.

All cases of infection among the residents at Rovik residential and activity center are linked to the South African mutation, according to Sandnesposten.

Have not registered a similar outbreak

The first case of infection was revealed on Easter evening. Since then, the outbreak at the nursing home in Jessheim has grown in scope, reported Dagbladet Wednesday night.

The residents were diagnosed with the virus two months after they were vaccinated against corona with the second dose, says municipal chief physician Laurence Jary-Vattøy. Three of the seven infected residents have been diagnosed with either the South African or Brazilian virus variant.

FHI says they have not previously registered an outbreak among vaccinated people with the same extent as this. They are now working closely with the municipal chief to find out how the seven residents, who were initially supposed to be well protected, have nevertheless become ill.

– Can we expect in the future that fully vaccinated people get sick and die of covid-19?

– No vaccination is 100 percent protective. We know that vaccinated people can become infected to some degree and even rarely get sick. We have very few examples of coronary heart disease among the country’s forty thousand vaccinated nursing home residents, says Aavitsland to ABC News.

Pfizer Norway: – We do not have absolute security against infection

Pfizer Norway’s communications manager, Joachim Henriksen, also reminds that the vaccine does not provide 100 percent protection.

– FHI’s attitude to this is completely correct, even though the vaccine provides quite good protection, there is still a possibility that someone may be infected. Studies show an effect of well over 90 percent, but we do not have absolute security against infection, he says to ABC News.


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