NFL podcast: Sebastian Vollmer and Markus Kuhn reveal insider knowledge – American football

The NFL playoffs are well underway – and there’s a lot to talk about!

The “Vollmer and Kuhn Show” is the NFL podcast on BILD. There the German ex-NFL professionals Sebastian Vollmer (36 / two-time Super Bowl champion) and Markus Kuhn (34 / first German with a touchdown) talk about the hottest topics in the billion-dollar league every week.

HERE listen to the podcast on iTunes!

HERE listen to the podcast on Spotify!

In the current episode of the “Vollmer and Kuhn” show, the two NFL insiders talk about …

… Tom Brady (43). It explains why he can finally play in Tampa Bay in a way that he couldn’t at ex-club Patriots – and what receiver Mike Evans has to do with it.

… the particular problem of rib injuries for football stars.

… your expert tips for the next playoff round.

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You can watch the “Vollmer and Kuhn Show” for free at iTunes, Spotify or listen to your favorite podcast app. In order not to miss an episode, you can easily subscribe to the show there.

Have fun!


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