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Barça to Pay Messi Until 2025: Barcelona’s Outstanding Salary Debt to Lionel Messi

In 2021, a world collapsed for many FC Barcelona fans. Lionel Messi had turned his back on Barça after 21 years. He moved to Paris.

The Messi and Barcelona era ended. But the superstar and the Spanish top club will remain connected in the future – at least until 2025! Because until then, Messi will be getting regular checks from Barcelona.

Barça will pay Messi money until 2025!

The Catalans still owe Messi salary. This was admitted by club president Joan Laporta in an interview with “La Vanguardia”. “What we owe him is the deferral of the wage bill that had been agreed with the previous board. As a result, the outstanding amount must be paid by 2025.” Laporte assured: “He will be paid very conscientiously.”

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Background: During the corona crisis, many clubs – including large top clubs – got into financial difficulties. Barça, which was already heavily in debt before the crisis, was hit particularly hard. The then president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, was able to agree with the players that 70 percent of the salary would be waived. The outstanding wages were to be repaid at a later date. Messi apparently agreed to compensate for the deficit by 2025.

The professionals also agreed to the salary cut because it prevented club employees from having to go on short-time work and did not suffer any financial losses during the pandemic.

Messi himself said at the time via Instagram: “If we haven’t spoken up so far, it’s because we wanted to find solutions that would be of real help to the club and to those who would have had to accept the greatest disadvantages.” Man I therefore “voluntarily” gave up 70 percent of my salary, according to the superstar.

Messi left PSG again this summer. But instead of returning to Barcelona, ​​he moves to Inter Miami in the USA. An understandable step for Laporta, because Jorge Messi, the Argentine’s father and adviser, explained to him in an interview that “Leo had a very difficult year in Paris and that he wanted to have less pressure. With us he would have been under pressure and I understood his decision.”

But he still gets coal from Barcelona!

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