Neymar’s Recovery: Brazilian National Team Doctor Provides Update

Sports Observatory: Rodrigo Lasmar, the Brazilian national team doctor, said that striker Neymar is recovering well from the knee surgery he underwent, but the date of his return to the field cannot be determined.

Lasmar explained that the 31-year-old is responding “very well” to the recovery process, but will need a long period of physical therapy and training before he can return to the field.

He added: “He has shown from the first moment that he is very cooperative and follows the instructions that we give him. He knows that this process will require him to work hard with the physiotherapist and fitness coach so that we can have him back as soon as possible.”

Lasmar, who performed the surgery on the international striker, said that a date cannot yet be set for the return of the Saudi Al Hilal player.

He continued: “Injuries vary from player to player. In general, there are accompanying injuries that can be equally important, such as a meniscus injury. All of this makes the procedure more complicated with a slower recovery period. That is why we are not talking about a timetable.”

2023-11-14 11:36:54

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