New York City to Get New Park in Midtown This Fall – NBC New York (47)

New York City will welcome a new public green oasis this fall in the heart of Midtown, complete with a selection of artisan foods, a central waterfall and a circular hearth for visitors to gather during the winter.

The Midtown East park will be located at 550 Madison Ave, between 56th and 55th streets, with a glass canopy, designed by Snøhetta, that gives an indoor-outdoor feel to the space.

Over five years in development, the project began in October 2016 as an idea to reposition an existing single-tenant office tower into a contemporary multi-tenant commercial property.

With the redesign in mind, a previously closed mid-block passageway will soon be transformed into a free green landscape for working New Yorkers and tourists.

“When we designed 550 Madison Garden, we were inspired by the regional context of the river gorges in the Catskills and the vibrant, canyon-like quality of midtown Manhattan,” said Michelle Delk, Partner and Director of Landscaping Discipline on Snøhetta New York, to our sister network NBC.

Situated between two skyscrapers, this urban garden will include dozens of trees, 200 shrubs, 2,000 bulbs and 10,000 perennials. The garden will be made up of five outdoor sections, each with a different focal structure.

Construction began in 2019 and reached a completion milestone on Monday with Halka Nurseries delivering the soil for the first tree plantings.

“A central cascading fountain lines the view from the interior foyer, seasonal plants create interest and variety, food and retail kiosks, public restrooms, a circular fireplace that provides warmth during the winter, and a variety of fixed and mobile seats are distributed everywhere,” said Delk.

Once it officially opens in the fall, the park will be open seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

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