The more international, the more attractive it is for graduates

The result: Companies whose top management consists of different nationalities perceive university graduates more positively than others. Above all, foreign graduates tend to see them as potential employers. “We were able to clearly establish that nationality diversity is important to foreign university graduates,” says study author Schmid.
Internationality on the Executive Board has also had a positive effect on the perception of domestic specialists. “This diversity shows the applicants that there are no glass ceilings in the company, no matter who and how you are,” says the scientist, classifying the result. It is secondary whether you come from abroad or not. Finally, there are other diversity criteria.

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Since Germany, as several studies show, only ranks in the middle of Europe when it comes to internationality, these results are doubly interesting for German companies. On the one hand, there is now an international job market. Only those who adapt to this and recruit in English will have a chance in the future, says Emine Yilmaz from the Robert Half personnel consultancy. “This rethinking must take place now, otherwise the companies will be left behind,” says the expert.

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