KLM puts the brakes on ticket sales for flights from Schiphol | Financial

“We do this to create space in case customers have to be rebooked as a result of the chaos at Schiphol,” the airline said. KLM says it receives many questions from customers who have seen the lines for security and who do not dare to depart from Schiphol. The airline offers a rebooking arrangement.

In recent times, waiting times for travelers at Schiphol have often been very long. This is partly due to the growth in the number of travelers, but also to staff shortages on the ground. As a result, airlines are already canceling flights. Because of the long waiting times at the airport, there have even been disturbances, during which the military police had to intervene.

Earlier in the day, Schiphol presented an action plan to counteract large crowds at the airport during the summer period. Additional staff, such as security guards, must be recruited for this, among other things. On Wednesday, Schiphol already announced that the rules for take-off and landing rights will be changed, as a result of which fewer flights will depart this summer.

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