New York before the election: New York is on the way – politics

By Sebastian Moll October 23, 2020 – 6:16 p.m.

America would only be hard to save if the majority of it again voted for Donald Trump. But it’s the year 2020, a new generation of politicians has arrived, and in the end the United States has always helped itself.

Some think New York is a dead city. Right?

Photo: dpa / Benno Schwinghammer

New York – New York – a dead city? The discussion is not new, it was held before in the 1970s, when the white middle class fled the decaying metropolis, leaving only the bohemians and all those who could not afford to move to the suburbs. It was conducted after 9/11 and the attacks and then again, for other reasons, during the boom of the Michael Bloomberg years, when almost only the financial elite could afford the city. At that time it seemed as if all forms of creativity and nonconformity were being operated on from the streets of Manhattan.


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