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New Year’s TV Program Reviews: BNT, BTV, and NOVA TV – Nikolay Barekov’s Insights

As a TV presenter, I give a short review of the New Year’s programs on the three TV channels that have the money to afford them.

For BNT: Hacho Boyadzhiev has risen, but his talent and his taste for chicks remained buried two meters underground. Koshlukov, who until ten years ago had a taste for women at least, should stop spending the hundreds of millions of taxpayers with a light hand and resign immediately, and leave the program in the hands of the Archives Directorate. The movie “Warm” half a century ago was the best thing in the New Year’s program.

It is shocking that Khushi’s masters have given him money for a second night with a New Year program instead of ordering him to air two-three episodes of Every Kilometer. Instead of a speech by the current head of state, it could have been chosen in 5 minutes from Bai Tosho’s New Year’s speeches. It would be relevant and informative.

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BTV was known for many years as “Borisov TV” and “Bozhkov TV”, but in fact it is only Payner TV. But Payner TV 2, because the original is much more professionally handled by the Dimitrovgrad engineer and his team. By the way, Skull could be useful with ideas if they decide to recruit the screen hosts, because he has a large catalog of prices and models.

I humbly remind you that Natalie Trifonova is my personal discovery from TV7 – 2011, but I am a “Taboo” topic for the first television I created – BTV (that’s what it was called then).

For NOVA TV. Making TV isn’t like shipping tons of cocaine from Colombia to Europe. It’s a little harder work. I know because I’ve taught him most of the TV trade with live examples all over the world, and I’ve also been in Colombia reconciling the white-spewing Farcas with the government of Juan Manuel Santos.
Sholak should take the DM music franchise of Dragana Mirkovic and best let Lepa Brena do the program, instead of Vyara Ankova and the khakis she keeps in thick bundles because of Boyko.

Personally, I would recommend replacing Lora Krumova with Jelena Karaleusha – both less depreciation of the chairs in the studio, and a rating of three.

The inclusion of Bojinka at Galeto is an intellectual push for a step forward. BNT and BTV is like the old one, only crappy and new, as he would say.

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2024-01-02 06:15:08

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