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New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Paris: Security Measures, Tour Options, and Trip Costs

photo: Jiří Zemen, PrahaIN.cz/Paříž, illustrative photo

The end of the year is approaching, and New Year’s Eve celebrations are also connected with it. Above all, it lives in large European cities. Prague is no exception, but many Czechs also go abroad.

They often go to Paris for New Year’s celebrations, which is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, but also one of the busiest. This is doubly true on New Year’s Eve, and various videos from New Year’s celebrations prove it. For everyone, we mention last year’s entry from Global NEWS at Youtube.

This also includes the annual security mobilization. According to the server RMC around 90,000 gendarmes and police officers supervised the celebrations of the last day in 2022 in France. Nine thousand of them in Paris.

One of our readers is also flying to the capital of France on New Year’s Eve, and will spend a total of four days here.

We wrote

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But when he considered the possibilities of how to get there, he said that he also found tours from travel agencies on the Internet. With exaggeration, he was impressed by the offer from the travel company Vega Tour. She was selling a New Year’s Eve trip to Paris without an overnight stay. One had to spend less than one day in the capital of France, almost two days on the bus.

“I thought it was so funny. If any of you are interested… I’m curious if people are interested in this. I wouldn’t have survived two days on the road during such a moment,” he told us.

Let’s add that the advertisement of the travel agency says that the departure from Prague is the day before New Year’s Eve around six in the evening. The arrival in Paris is planned in the morning, where there will be a short tour of the sights by bus. The departure from Paris should take place an hour and a half after midnight, so the return to the capital will be in the afternoon.

Champs-Élysées, where the New Year’s celebrations are also held. Source: PrahaIN.cz

The director of the Vega Tour server PrahaIN.cz said that there is clearly interest in one-day tours.

“We have a clientele that has no problem being on a bus for basically two days. We try to keep the price of our tours very low in the long term. We try to put our comfortable buses on this type of tours, some of which do not have, for example, the manufacturer’s specified number of seats, in order to offer clients more comfort. The work of the crew and the on-board sale of drinks and snacks also contribute to the well-being during these long journeys,” said Miroslav Deneš.

Paris sharpened. Not just her

But the bus will not go to Paris in the end. Cestovka offered a total of five New Year’s Eve tours: Wroclaw (Poland), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Venice (Italy), Monte Carlo (Monaco), and the already mentioned Paris.

Only Amsterdam and Monte Carlo were able to complete the one-day trip.

However, the travel agency is satisfied.

“We traditionally have very good sales in Amsterdam, and this year is no different. We were very pleasantly surprised by Monte Carlo as our novelty this year. We have both of these tours under warranty and will go on them. Historically, we manage to organize two to three tours on New Year’s Eve, so from this point of view, we are happy that our regulars and one novelty are going,” says the director of CK Vega tour.

Amsterdam. Source: PrahaIN.cz

PrahaIN.cz also found out how expensive a New Year’s trip to other European capitals would be. We will tell you right away that it is not worth arranging in such a hurry, just a few days in advance.

For example, an applicant can no longer get a ticket to Paris for less than 4,500 crowns. In other terms, and if you arrange everything ahead of time, they can be had for a third.

Even a bus trip would not be cheaper.

According to the Booking portal, there was still a sufficient amount of accommodation capacity three days before New Year’s Eve. But opportunity makes thieves, they say. On the aforementioned server, we registered a huge number of supposedly new apartments that had no ratings at all. It is better to avoid them, our editorial team experienced a similar scam in Barcelona (we wrote about it HERE).

Amsterdam also gets more expensive at the last minute. You can no longer get tickets under six thousand. A long journey by bus will cost about the same.

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