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new preventive treatment stops seizures

Migraine is the most frequent neurological disease in France: its prevalence is estimated at almost 20% of the adult population, with a female predominance (around 3 women for 1 man), according to the French Federation of Neurology. Although it can affect children and the elderly, it particularly affects people between 20 and 50 years of age.

In the most severe cases, headache can occur every day, become disabling and affect the quality of life (functional, emotional slowdown and loss of productivity). “The result is that 35% of migraine sufferers in the general population have a loss of productivity of at least 6 days per quarter, and that for 20% of migraine sufferers this loss of productivity exceeds 11 days,” said the Federation.

Hope for patients

But as reported The world, a new preventive treatment has proven itself: monthly subcutaneous injections belonging to a new therapeutic family, monoclonal anti-CGRP antibodies (Calcitonin Gene Relatide Peptide). Called Aimovig, this preventive treatment obtained a placing on the American and European markets in 2018, but is not yet available in France, its price still being discussed.

Its effectiveness, however, is final. “I have resumed the course of my life. It’s as if I’ve had a lead coat removed, hood included, ”Stephanie tells the daily, seven months after starting a one-year protocol. This Nice medical secretary has less than 5 days of migraine a month, compared to 28 days before treatment. The intensity of the pain is also less and the hypersensitivity of his skull, which persisted between attacks, has disappeared.

For Stéphanie, who organized her daily life according to her crises, the results of this treatment are a relief and a release. If it is still not reimbursed in June, at the end of the protocol from which it benefited, Stéphanie will have to finance it herself and spend between 600 and 1000 dollars the injection to preserve this quality of life.

Some side effects observed during tests

Until now, no treatment has been able to stop the onset of migraine attacks. Patients had to lie in the dark and wait for the pain to pass, a crippling handicap that plunges some into severe depression. In the tests carried out in the United States, some side effects such as skin reactions or constipation were observed, but nothing comparable to the ordeal experienced by the most affected patients. These injections are therefore a real hope for migraine sufferers.

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