News AC Milan loan Kjaer from Sevilla FC - player...

AC Milan loan Kjaer from Sevilla FC – player exchange with Atalanta perfect


Milan is such a haphazard bunch, after kessie, Piatek, Caldara, paqueta andco you don’t get quick success, you try again with experienced and older ones. Players like ibra, kjaer and possibly Boateng ???

As often as Milan has swapped her trans “philosophy” for the past 6-7 years, it is no wonder that you keep crashing!

If you were in the real world that you HAVE to build something over YEARS to get back up, you would not have wasted so much time.

Milan will descend at some point if it continues like this, may sound unrealistic from today’s perspective, but chaos over such a long time with no improvement in sight has fatal consequences at some point, see HSV.



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