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New MPs in the British House of Commons – Why this photo moves the British to tears – Politics abroad

This photo moves Great Britain: Labor politician Kim Leadbeater (45) sits on one of the green leather benches in the British House of Commons, on the place of MEP Jo Cox (✝︎41) – her sister, who was murdered in 2016.

“She is sitting there on the bench under the plaque of Jo, her sister and this is an emotional, special moment for all of us,” said opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer (58) at Leadbeater’s swearing-in ceremony.

Foto: picture alliance / empics-“data-zoom-src =” https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/joe-cox-wurde-2016-eine-woche-vor-dem-brexit-referendum-ermordet-79ca6a2765d442ccabaeb5e2d7c6117f-77020366/Bild/5. bild.jpg “/>

Joe Cox was murdered in 2016, a week before the Brexit referendumFoto: picture alliance / empics

Five years after her sister’s death, Leadbeater has won a slim majority against their conservative Tory challenger Ryan Stephenson in the same constituency of Batley and Spen in northern England. Now she was moving into the House of Commons in London.

Der Fall Jo Cox

Labor politician and committed Brexit opponent Jo Cox was murdered in the summer of 2016.

A week before the Brexit referendum, she wanted to hold a citizens’ lesson in Birstall’s lending library (around 16,000 inhabitants) and encourage voters to vote for the kingdom to remain in the EU.

Suddenly a man came up to Cox, shouted “Britain first” and shot the mother of two. Then he stabbed her with a knife. Cox succumbed to the injuries, leaving behind her husband and two young children.

The whole of Britain was in shock.

Now her younger sister Kim Leadbeater wants to continue Cox’s politics.

A moving moment for the whole family. “She’s incredibly brave,” said Cox’s widower.

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