Omikron hotspot: New York shows what is rolling towards us – politics abroad

The horror scenes are unforgettable when, in the spring of 2020, New York City transformed from a pulsating metropolis into the apparent backdrop of a Hollywood disaster film within days. Deserted streets. Then the ambulances came first, then the hearses. Cooled trucks parked in front of the hospitals buzzed to store the deceased. In funeral […]

Schröder’s Gazprom invests: Putin grabs Russian Facebook! – Politics abroad

Russia is on the way to a total control state: Kremlin leaders Wladimir Putin brings all media in Russia under state control. Last major act: Putin had a state company bring the Russian Facebook counterpart V-Kontakt (UK; 90 million users) under state control! And as in other corporations that play an essential role in suppressing […]

New York Times Report – Did Trump Spy on Democrats? – Politics abroad

This possible scandal is shaking political Washington. It sounds a bit like Watergate 2.0. The Justice Department, led by then President Donald Trump (74), had the online data of two leading members of the Democrats confiscated in 2018 – it smells like espionage! The first reported the “New York Times”. Accordingly, two members of the […]

Because he said “China virus” – Trump sued for almost $ 23 million – foreign policy

Donald Trump (74) could still cost dearly to call the coronavirus the “China Virus”. The organization “Chinese American Civil Rights Coalition” (CACRC) is suing the former president of the United States for a whopping 22.9 million US dollars. The CACRC is loud “TMZ“Pissed off because Trump continually spoke of the” China virus “,” Wuhan virus […]