Netflix Direct: linear video channel starts in France

If you can no longer see the forest for the trees in France in the Netflix library, the linear video channel Netflix Direct offers a solution.

In a relatively short time, Netflix has become the ideal alternative for watching series and films via linear television. Not only are you assured of an ad-free experience for a relative amount, you can also choose what appears on the screen. For anyone who no longer knows what to watch due to the growing offer, the streaming service has now found a solution: Netflix Direct.

Netflix Direct in France

Direct is a linear streaming channel that has its own programming. For a change, there are no advanced algorithms or categorical preferences involved here; Netflix France itself determines one program guide that is valid for all French Netflix subscribers. The channel is currently only available via the web version of Netflix in France. They will find a Direct button in the home screen.

On Direct you can find absolutely everything in the programming. From documentaries to films to films; it is all incorporated in the programming. The channel went live on November 5th for a small French group of users. The new feature should be available to every Netflix subscriber from France in December. There are currently no signs that the service will roll out to other countries in the short term, let alone the Benelux.

Not the first experiment

The still extremely popular streaming service has again welcomed millions of new subscribers this year. However, the streaming service certainly does not sit still. In addition to Direct, the company has introduced several other new functions this year. There are already top lists of popular streamed content, and the service launched one earlier this year shufflefunctie tested.


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