Is there a lapse in the Signal application code protocol that allows it to be hacked?

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In the “Digital Bulletin”, Nayla Al-Saliby hosts Shehab Najjar, an information security expert and investigator in cybercrime, to address the controversy about an alleged weakness in the encryption of the “Signal” chatting application that allows hacking the application and spying on users.

An alleged lapse in the Signal application code protocol that allows it to be hacked?

A controversy spread on social media and specialized platforms about how to exploit a weakness in the encryption of an application “Signal” chat to spy on users. Someone posted saying he was a hacker, detailed explanation for how to hack “Signal” And how can a file be replaced with a spy bomb file, and it does this to show the importance and value of local vulnerabilities in applications and also “For fun and spying” as he put it.

Some security experts responded to the allegations of this hacker and they scoffed at how it can be considered as a security vulnerability, the need for full access to the user’s device to spy.

is considered an application “Signal”by many information security experts, the best privacy protection application with an open source end-to-end encryption protocol called Signal Protocol, which allows experts to test it and find errors, all content exchanged in an application “Signal” It is encrypted and decrypted in the servers that host the application even by the developer team. It does not contain any advertisements and is not affiliated with any product marketing promoter, nor any tracking tool. It does not collect data.

Many users in the world, including activists, civil rights defenders, and others, use the application “Signal For conversations instead of an application “whatsapp”The Signal Foundation, which is overseeing the development of the app, is not involved “Signal” In this controversy the topic has been ignored across social platforms Perhaps you consider that this hacker is doing a publicity stunt to attract attention? However, the topic is important and raises several questions about the seriousness of the hacking method that was published publicly, and whether an application can actually be hacked “Signal”؟

to host Nayla Al-Salibi in “digital newsletter Information security expert and cybercrime investigator Shahab Najjarwho tested this spying technique and explains how Protecting digital privacy When communicating and chatting via an app “Signal”.

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