NCAA football season cancellation could push Cole Caufield to Canada

Over the past few weeks, Cole Caufield’s name has been circulating more and more in Canada. Why? Because there is more and more uncertainty about where the NCAA season will go.

Basically, the season had to be postponed. But more and more, it makes sense to believe that the season for the Wisconsin Badgers, Caufield’s team, could simply be called off. Why?

Because NCAA football won’t be there. And as you may know, the NCAA in the Big Ten is a little bigger and it makes a little more money than the hockey program. In fact, it makes him live.

The season was canceled, despite the president’s requests.

And if the big major sport has seen its season canceled (not simply postponed), how can we believe that a smaller sport – indoor, what’s more – will be maintained?

This means that, as before, Cole Caufield has different options available to him. But the difference is that they are probably more attractive / logical since the new announcement in the US.

Basically, playing in Canada would be safer for the top hope given the pandemic state south of the border right now. And if the NCAA never launches its activities, playing in Canada will become for him – and for many other prospects – the solution of choice.

Especially since Caufield is in an advantageous situation. His rights in the OHL belong to the Sault-Sainte-Marie Greyhounds. The team are in contention to try to secure the Memorial Cup tournament, which makes it an attractive draw for Caufield.

Otherwise, Laval could become the logical option since I don’t see him going to play in Europe. After all, the Canadian wanted to see him among the amateurs one more year …

Either way, the season is expected – at best – to kick off in December. If he lined up at Laval, he would have to sign a contract. If he lines up in Ontario, he could and would also be entitled to be at the big club’s training camp next November, but would lose his eligibility to play in the NCAA forever.

Do you think he will have to cross the border earlier than expected?

A lot of

– I’ve done it four times. Result? Three times Edmonton, once Pittsburgh.

– Speaking of the wolf.

– They won’t have a choice.

– The advantage of having two guards …

– Still a grand total of 0 cases.

– He will not have been in the bubble, in the end.

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