Piotr Jedliński is no longer the president of Radio Nowy Świat. His words caused a storm

After the last statements of Piotr Jedliński, talks began about the first image crisis breaking records of the popularity of the Internet radio station, created on the initiative of the former stars of the Polish Radio Three. Jedliński explained why on the news site why on the “Margot” news site, a non-binary person, detained and sentenced to two months in arrest, is referred to as a male.

The case was publicized on social media by journalist and theater critic Mike Urbaniak, who called the action of the New World “shameful” and “embarrassing”.

– If Margot and the acolytes are making such a plea for respect for freedom, why do they not respect the freedom of the media and me as a person? Why do they want to force my view of the world on me, making me refer to someone I perceive as male with female pronouns? A massive attack is underway and I will not give it up. What you are doing has nothing to do with freedom, said Jedliński.

Jedliński was criticized by Internet users, sexologists and people of culture, including writer and declared lesbian, Sylwia Chutnik. – Piotr Jedliński, the president of the company publishing Radio Nowy Świat, is not able to understand that he is a transphobe and despite hundreds of voices explaining this state to him, he still wades and confuses freedom of speech with respect for other people – she wrote.

Radio Nowy Świat reacts to the behavior of Piotr Jedliński

representatives Radio Nowy Świat – Magda Jethon, Anna Krakowska, Patrycja Macjon, Jan Chojnacki, Krzysztof Łuszczewski, Wojciech Mann and Jerzy Sosnowski – emphasized in the published statement that “Piotr Jedliński’s entry is a private opinion”.

– The male-personal form (“activist”) we used in relation to Margot was an unintentional error, which in no way defines the position of Radio Nowy Świat in relation to the aforementioned people and events. Our team consists of people of various age, beliefs, skin color and sexual orientation, and we are aware that diversity is the strength of Radio Nowy Świat – it was written.

On Monday, August 10, in the evening, it was announced that Piotr Jedliński would resign as president.

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