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According to general Roman Polka, former GROM commander and former deputy head of the National Security Bureau, the elections in Belarus were clearly rigged. – We should support the Belarusian opposition, just as the Polish opposition once received the support of the West. We should arouse international opinion and show what is happening beyond our eastern border – believes Polko.

– This spurt after the elections is bigger than you could have imagined before. The worst-case scenario for the next few days is a bloody crackdown on demonstrators, repression and mass arrests. And, unfortunately, this is where it goes. Such a positive scenario would be the self-removal of Lukashenka from office. But today it is unfortunately not very realistic – says General Roman Polko in an interview with the Polish Armed Forces.

Belarus. A spurt that will have consequences

In his opinion, we will face further protests in Belarus in the near future. However, it will not be as large as the Sunday manifestations. – Lukashenka will remain in power, but it is not known for how long. The mood in Belarus is geared towards making a real difference. Lukashenka must see this because he cuts off the internet in the country. He does not want his opponents to be able to consolidate – believes the former head of GROM.

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