National 2. Colomiers created controversy over the postponement of the match at Les Herbiers

US Colomiers will not play at Les Herbiers in the league on Saturday, the Vendée club will update its calendar with a match in the 4th round of the Coupe de France. (Photo Jérôme Bouchacourt)

The president of US Colomiers cracked a statement on the postponement of the match at Les Herbiers on Saturday. Words that should be qualified.

This Thursday, Patrick Delacroix cracked a controversial press release about the postponement of the National 2 match between Vendée Les Herbiers Football and US Colomiers. President Columérin accuses the Vendée club in particular of not wanting to play its French Cup match against Pouzauges Bocage FC on Wednesday, October 7.

“Making full use of the regulations of the Football Federation, our friends at Les Herbiers had a problem for the Saturday night game at home against Colomiers: two of their best players are suspended. (…) Their pennant team, reduced by its two suspended executives, will play on Saturday a campaign team which will have only a low chance of qualifying for the next round, and the Colomiers championship match will be postponed until later with a Herbarium team made up of all its holders. “

After taking the information from the Ligue des Pays-de-la-Loire, it turns out that Patrick Delacroix’s words are inaccurate. At the request of the FFF, which wishes to avoid postponements in National 2, the regional body initially proposed to play this match on Wednesday, October 7. But Pouzauges refused the trip in the middle of the week, proposing the reversal of the match. What the Herbretais did not accept, from a purely sporting point of view. But the League also tells us that “The regulations do not provide for a postponement during the week for the Coupe de France”.

Only one suspended player and not two

Then the president of US Colomiers indicates that the Vendée club had “Two of his best players suspended”. After checking with the authorities, only the midfielder Quentin Grégorio is suspended from October 5 for taking three yellow cards. This is also easily verified by the Haute-Garonne club via its Footclubs access. And if the match had taken place on Wednesday, the ex-Nîmes would have served his suspension match and thus played against US Colomiers… in any case.

If Patrick Delacroix has every right to be unhappy about having to travel on a Wednesday evening, with a journey of more than 500 kilometers, the words are very strong when he declares that “Ambition carried so high has the unfortunate tendency to eat into the minds of honest people” or “A necessary reminder to vaccination against cheating or schemes, against the permanent temptation of the lawless”.

If his words were hardly appreciated at Les Herbiers, it is also the case in Pouzauges which he described as“A campaign team that will have only a low chance of qualifying for the next round”. What did not fail to react the keeper of the PBFC Nicolas Vendé on social networks. Was this controversy created by US Colomiers really useful? Everyone will have their own opinion …

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