Natalia Podolskaya showed off in a white mini-dress with long sleeves-wings

The singer, four months after giving birth, arranged a fashion shoot. Her feminine bow was appreciated by stylist Ella Macovei.

Natalia Podolskaya. Photo:

Natalia Podolskaya always knew how to emphasize her beauty. It is not surprising that Vladimir Presnyakov fell in love with the girl. The lovers have been together for 10 years and are raising their five-year-old son Artemy. And last year, their family was replenished again. The artist gave birth second son Ivan… It is noteworthy that she immediately began to try to get back into shape. If at first the girl experienced setbacks, then later she boasted a transformed figure.

After the New Year, Natalya almost never left the house. She happily nursed the baby. But at the end of February, the singer returned to work. She began to travel to the shooting almost every day. And with the arrival of spring, the artist took part in a fashion photo shoot. She tried on several looks. First Podolskaya appeared in a hat with a veil and an oversized blouse. And finally, the star has prepared a very beautiful outfit.

In front of the camera, Presnyakov’s wife posed in a snow-white mini dress. 38-year-old girl emphasized her waist and slender legs. Long flowing sleeves became the highlight of the image. The bow was complemented by unusual drawstring shoes. Outfit of the artist for the portal appreciated the stylist Ella Macovei.

“Natalia is beautiful under spotlights and camera flashes. Of course, this is a staged shooting and a prepared image. A dress with long flowing sleeves evokes associations with a princess from a Russian fairy tale. White is the color of youth and innocence. The silhouette outlines the slenderness and even fragility of the girl’s figure. Thin straps on pointed shoes add elegance, ”said the expert.


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Ella Macovei has been working in the fashion industry for over 5 years. She is a personal style consultant, stylist and shopper. Ella studied at the Institut Français de la Mode, France and has higher education.

Ella Macovei. Photo:

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