[F1]Aston Martin Racing Team Announces “AMR21” Racing Car-Racing

Born in Kensington, England in 1913, and now headquartered in Warwickshire, Aston Martin, in addition to being world-renowned for the Pound cars of the Hollywood movie “007” series, the car factory was in the early 1920s and 30s. In the interim, he set foot in the Leman 24 Hours Endurance Race and other racing activities, and participated in the F1 Championship in 1959 and 1960. However, he quickly withdrew from the competition due to poor results and focused on GT events.

Carroll Shelby, one of the protagonists narrated in the movie “Track Madness”, once fought Leman and F1 for Aston Martin

After half a century of cultivating in the GT arena, Aston Martin tried to fight again in F1 in 2008 and 2010 under the impetus of the dominant Prodrive chairman David Richards, but failed.Later, although Aston Martin tried to acquire the Force India team that had financial problems in 2015., But in the end it was changed to cooperate with the Red Bull team due to funding issues, and became the title sponsor of the Red Bull team in 2017. During the period, the two sides gave birth toThe super sports car Valkyrie originally planned to participate in the new WEC top race “Hypercar”

The relationship between the two parties has changed in January 2020:The investment team led by Racing Point team boss Lawrence Stroll acquired Aston Martin, whose financial situation was rapidly deteriorating in 2019, So that Racing Point team, as a result of the relevant contract, is like between Sauber Motorsport and the Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo, starting from 2021, it will change to the Aston Martin name to compete in the F1 field.

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Because of this, the RP20 car, which was called “Pink Mercedes” by the car industry last year, became Aston Martin’s first car to return to F1 in 60 years. “AMR21”-Aston Martin F1 Team’s 2021 car of the year-car painting It also changed from the original pink color of the corporate identity of BWT Water Purification in Germany to the classic British Racing Green (British Racing Green), with red lines as an embellishment.

AMR21, like its predecessor, RP20, has a strong Mecedes racing pedigree. However, because of the RP20’s duplication door event last year, the technical team led by Andrew Green must modify the disputed components through aerodynamic development quotas and make adjustments to the downforce.

In order to strengthen the marketing effect of the car factory,The Stroll team decided to buy out the contract between Sergio Perez, a Mexican player who has been supporting the team for many years., andSigned Sebastian Vettel, a four-time world champion who broke up with the Ferrari teamCome and partner with Lance Stroll, who has a special status in the team.

With the addition of Vettel and the solid racing power, Aston Martin’s goal this year will be to try to write down the first top three results in team history since 1999 (then the predecessor Jordan team). The biggest key is still to continue. Progress, but it is obvious whether the competitiveness of Lance Stroll, which has been overshadowed by the latecomers, can continue to improve.

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