Kamensky in a tight-fitting T-shirt and flared jeans bent beautifully at the door

Yulia Filatova The artist visited the Spanish town of Toledo, which she was delighted with. Nastya Kamenskikh. Photo: instagram.com/kamenskux/ Ukrainian pop diva Nastya Kamenskikh and her husband Alexei Potapenko are now on a mini-vacation. The artists spontaneously decided to reboot themselves and flew to Spain. First, Potap and Nastya visited Madrid. Here they walked a […]

Pugacheva in a trendy maxi coat and boots with heels walked around Moscow

Anastasia Moryleva Julia Todorovich The singer chose a monochrome look for the prom. Her autumn outfit was appreciated by stylist and image maker Larisa Timiryaeva. Alla Pugacheva. Photo: instagram.com/maxgalkinru/ Alla Pugacheva this year it celebrated its 72nd anniversary. The artist does not stop following her appearance and figure. She admitted that she was trying to […]

Olga Seryabkina boasted a topical image for the fall

Irina Romanova The artist walked in a dress that emphasized her big tummy. Olga Seryabkina. Photo: Instagram.com/seryabkina In one of the last Stories of the personal microblogging of the ex-soloist of the Serebro group – Olga Seryabkina – her photograph appeared in a multi-layered image. The trendy outfit slightly hid the belly of the pregnant […]

Brezhnev in overalls staged hot dances, flashing her breasts

Julia Todorovich The singer decided to play pranks while trying on. The footage of her dancing excited the fans. Vera Brezhneva. Photo: instagram.com/ververa/ Vera Brezhneva grew up in a simple family, but that did not stop her from becoming a star. She performed with the group “VIA-Gra”, but then left the team. A slender blonde […]

Sobchak in black overalls was published with Bogomolov

Julia Todorovich The TV presenter attended the premiere of the film “Bondarchuk. Battle “. There she ran into Tina Kandelaki. Ksenia Sobchak. Photo: instagram.com/xenia_sobchak/ Ksenia Sobchak has long been one of the most famous female journalists in the country. She interviews famous and popular people. At the same time, the blonde does not hide that […]

Rudova in a miniature sundress barely fit her enlarged breasts

Yulia Filatova Many subscribers have recently noticed that the bust of the beautiful actress has become much larger than before. Natalia Rudova. Photo: Global Look Press Star of domestic TV series Natalia Rudova likes to provoke subscribers with revealing outfits. The beauty has a special passion for spicy photo shoots, to the delight of fans. […]

Lorak flashed her curvaceous forms in a mini-dress made of “mirror shards”

Yulia Filatova The singer in a dazzling outfit was captured by Lera Kudryavtseva. Ani Lorak. Photo: Global Look Press Popular singer Ani Lorak took part in a big concert in Vladivostok, which took place the day before. It was an honor to host the event Lera Kudryavtseva and Mikhail Galustyan. What was happening behind the […]

widow Tabakov in a satin dress to the floor appeared on the red carpet

Julia Todorovich The actress could not miss the closing ceremony of the Sochi Film Festival. For this occasion, she chose a feminine outfit. Marina Zudina. Photo: instagram.com/marinazudina_official/ Marina Zudina several years ago she survived the death of Oleg Tabakov. She was next to the great artist until the last days of his life. At first, […]

Kudryavtseva in a black suit with a print and sneakers took to the streets of Moscow

Julia Todorovich The 50-year-old TV presenter showed off her everyday look, which her friends appreciated. Lera Kudryavtseva. Photo: instagram.com/leratv/ Lera Kudryavtseva celebrated its anniversary this year. The famous TV presenter did not throw a grand party. But she spent most of the summer with her family. In the company of her husband Igor Makarov and […]

Kamensky in a seductive mini dress showed a neckline without push-up

Yulia Filatova The singer loves to share candid photos with her fans. Nastya Kamenskikh. Photo: instagram.com/kamenskux/ Ukrainian performer Nastya Kamenskikh became famous more than 15 years ago. The girl was selected for the rapper’s new pop group Alexey Potapenko, which was named “Potap and Nastya” and since then its popularity has not faded at all. […]