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Mysterious Pneumonia Case in China: Indonesian Ministry of Health Raises Awareness


The Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) is raising awareness regarding the emergence of ‘mysterious’ pneumonia cases that have occurred in China. It was previously reported that this disease attacks many children in China, causing concern.

Until now it is not known for certain what causes this ‘mysterious’ pneumonia case. However, according to epidemiological reports, there has been an increase in cases of mycoplasma pneumoniae by 40 percent in China. This is also accompanied by an increase in influenza, SARS-CoV-2, and other causes.

Director of Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases at the Ministry of Health, Imran Pambudi, said that to date there has been no spike in cases of mycoplasma pneumonia in Indonesia. However, he said the public still needed to remain vigilant.

“There is still a need to convey awareness regarding mycoplasma pneumonia in China. Currently, Indonesia’s condition has not seen any spikes. This is just an anticipatory mitigation step that needs to be known by the relevant agencies,” said Imran in a press conference held by the Ministry of Health, Wednesday ( 11/29/2023).

According to epidemiological reports, most cases of pneumonia are caused by Mycoplasma Pneumoniae bacteria. About 40 percent of pneumonia cases in China are said to be triggered by mycoplasma bacteria.

This bacteria, said Imran, was a common cause of respiratory infections before COVID-19. This bacteria is known to have a long incubation period, therefore it does not spread as quickly as COVID-19 and the fatality rate is low.

“So far, Mycoplasma bacteria have been the cause of pneumonia, which often occurred before COVID-19 and if you look at the data, in the past, mortality was not high, but morbidity (morbidity) was there. Mortality (death) was small,” said Dr Imran.

He also appealed to healthy people to keep their distance from people who are sick. Ensuring good room air circulation and maintaining clean and healthy living habits through washing hands with soap are also prioritized.

“We ask the public to immediately check at the nearest health facility if there are symptoms such as coughing, difficulty breathing, and accompanied by fever,” said Imran.

“For health facilities, including hospitals, clinics and community health centers, we ask them to be prepared to handle complaints or public health problems due to mycoplasma pneumonia if necessary,” he concluded.

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