Myanmar Police Charges Suu Kyi for Owning Walkie Talkie

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Police Myanmar file a lawsuit against a de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi for illegally possessing a communication device in the form of a wakie talkie. Suu Kyi will be detained until February 15 for the investigation process.

Police submitted a document to the court detailing allegations of possession of six walkie talkio found in a search of Suu Kyi’s home in the capital Naypyidaw.

Police said the walkie talkies were illegally imported and used without a permit. In the document, Suu Kyi’s detention was carried out for the process of interrogation, asking for evidence, and seeking legal counsel after asking a series of questions to the defendant.

Quoting Reuters, a separate document shows the police also filed a lawsuit against President Win Myint who was ousted by the military. Myint was deemed to have violated protocol to stop the spread of the corona virus during the election campaign period last November.

United Nations (UN) spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the allegations against Suu Kyi only added to violations of the rule of law in Myanmar and the democratic process.

“We continue to call for his immediate release and the immediate release of the president and all those who have been detained by the military in the last few days,” Dujarric said.

The speaker of parliament for ASEAN human rights, Charles Santiago, said the new allegations against Suu Kyi were ridiculous.

“This is a strange move by the junta trying to legitimize their illegal act of power,” Santiago said in a statement.

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The National League for Democracy (NLD) party has yet to comment on the charges filed by police against Suu Kyi. But the NLD said its offices had been raided in several areas and urged authorities to stop unlawful acts.

The military junta on Monday arrested Myint, Suu Kyi and a number of senior NLD figures. The military coup against the civilian government has sparked violent protests and global condemnation.

The conditions in Yangon City three days after the coup gradually normalized. The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Myanmar, Iza Fadri, said the situation in Yangon today is normal and there is no visible panic among the residents.

Iza said that currently the Indonesian Embassy had received an explanation from the Myanmar military about the conditions that had occurred.

“From the military it has been explained about the current conditions. We as representatives of friendly countries are just waiting for the situation in the future,” continued Iza.


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