“My wife likes De Martino, how annoying”


The free-wheeling actor in Da Grande: the anecdote about his wife and Stefano De Martino

Luca Argentero lands in of the big one, show broadcast on Rai Uno which marked the landing of Alessandro Cattelan on the state TV flagship network. The actor, who in recent months has been married to Cristina Marino and she had her daughter Nina Speranza, together with the conductor she answered some tantalizing social questions. Ready, go and immediately Cattelan has put the former gieffino in difficulty with a very intimate question.

Is sexual life turned upside down after becoming parents? ”. So Alessandro, point blank. Argentero first melted into a smile, then responded with a “Ni”. Then he argued: “There is not the whole day available, there are fewer situations. There is no more ‘I’m tired’, ‘this time no’. When you can, you do it. Opportunity makes man a thief. When there is that time window open, you have to use it “.

Space then to the theme of ‘control’ in the life of a couple: Luca explained that for him not everything is to be thrown away. For example, he and his partner let them know who they are with and where they go when they don’t go out together. In this case it is for “Don’t be worried”, underlined Luca who then told a very curious anecdote about Cristina and Stefano De Martino.

Cattelan addressed the issue of social likes, asking Argentero if there was a particular person for whom he felt annoyed about the ‘likes’ placed by his wife Cristina. Yes, there is someone who causes him to ‘itch’ and his name is Stefano De Martino. Oibò! Cattelan rolled his eyes and wanted to know more.

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Like this Argentero on the matter: “I ask her: love, do you know him? Why do you like it? ‘Because he has a curated profile’, he replies. This is the thing that really bothers me. But what does it mean that he has a curated profile? It’s not true, come on it’s not true “. In short, Marino appreciates the shots of the Campanian conductor and the thing goes sideways to Luca who then wanted to specify that he has esteem for Belen’s ex-husband. “Stefano is a serious and intelligent boy. So, Stefano stops them! “, he commented, between the serious and the facetious.

Cattelan also made it known that his wife follows Amici’s former student who responded in a flash to Argentero and Cattelan’s request with a couple of Stories Instagram in which he showed the screen of the ‘friendships’ shared with the spouses of Alessandro and Luca. “I can’t do it, I don’t feel like it “, the Neapolitan joked about the possibility of blocking the two women.

Argentero also talked about the fiction Doc – In your hands of which he is the protagonist. The actor anticipated that the Covid theme will also be dealt with in the new episodes, in such a way as to be absolutely connected with current events.

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