“My head doesn’t fit, but these are our stereotypes. I would like to react normally, ”Parshivlyuk reports about gay football – Football

Defender of the Moscow “Dynamo” Sergey Parshivlyuk expressed an opinion about homosexuality in football.

– This summer, the British tabloid The Sun published an anonymous letter from a Premier League football player who confessed to being gay. In it he said that he was afraid to tell his teammates about it. Let’s imagine that a conditional teammate approached you and decided to admit that he is gay. What will be your reaction?

– Honestly, shock. But this is again our stereotypes. It so happened that football is a man’s, brutal sport. We are men, it happens that in the locker room we can also discuss girls. And this is something else that does not fit in your head – you first of all think that this is not normal. Therefore, of course, shock.

This is an interesting topic, my friends and I also discussed it: conditionally, if your close friend admits that he is gay, how will your attitude towards him change, will you now view all his actions through the prism of homosexual orientation and is this correct?

– And how did you answer?

– It’s difficult, because I’ve never been in such a situation. I would like to react to this normally, adequately. But, I understand that due to the inherent traditional ideas about life and relationships, it can be difficult. Here everyone decides for himself how to relate to this or that information.

– Do you have friends of non-traditional orientation?

– After two handshakes. That is, we know little about each other, but we sat in the same company, talked, everything is fine, – said Parshivlyuk.

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