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Cologne | The joint faction of the Left and Volt in the regional council of the Cologne district government speaks of a “wrong game in the traffic commission” with the eight-lane expansion of the A3 between Leverkusen Opladen and the Hilden motorway junction.

The parliamentary groups of the Left, Volt and Greens want to prevent the eight-lane expansion and rely on the use of the hard shoulder. To this end, the three parties introduced a resolution in the regional council. All parliamentary groups in the regional council have been informed that the surrounding municipalities are preventing the eight-lane expansion of the A3 and instead want to establish permanent use of the hard shoulder on both sides.

The SPD prevented this resolution with a procedural motion. Left, Volt and Greens wanted to show with the resolution that they are on the side of the municipalities and thus send a signal from the regional council in the direction of Berlin. The parties fear that the expansion will trigger additional traffic, which would prevent a traffic turnaround.

Beate Hane-Knoll, deputy leader of the Die Linke / Volt parliamentary group in the regional council of the Cologne district government: “It is outrageous that this flimsy business proposal was accepted by a majority of the SPD, CDU and FDP,” said Beate Hane-Knoll, assessing the situation. “It would have been a good thing for the members of the Transport Commission if they had set an example with a unanimous resolution with this resolution.”

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