Mother and son disappeared on the Messina-Palermo, without research in a pond

When she got out of the car, the 43-year-old woman would have climbed over the guardrail with the child (4) and set off on the road towards state 113, where there is a large wooded area with a path that leads right to the small lake. The prosecutor’s office is continuing to interrogate relatives and friends. Her husband, Daniele Mondello, DJ like his wife, reiterated that he did not believe in voluntary removal. According to him, the woman, in shock after the accident, would have left in a confused state. The prosecutors wonder, however, why Viviana, after telling her husband that she would go to Milazzo, was in Caronia more than 100 km away.

Lockdown and depression – Meanwhile, her husband always has also revealed that Viviana would have recently fallen into depression, would begin to take medications and show willingness to return to parents Torino. Viviana’s mother claims that the Covid emergency has caused “severe stress” in her daughter.

The question about the Pyramid of Light – The sister-in-law Mariella Mondello also speaks of a period of suffering during the lockdown Corriere della Sera: “The epidemic had strained his nerves, he feared for his and his baby’s health. But now he was better and the day he disappeared, no sign of oddity emerged”. And he recalls a particular circumstance: “A few weeks ago he asked me if I knew how to get to the Pyramid of Light, which is located not far from the area where they disappeared”.

No disagreement with her husband – When questioned by the police, Daniele Mondello said he had no disagreements with his wife. Thesis also confirmed by Viviana’s mother: “No problem between them, that I know of. Of course, as in all families there have been quarrels. You know, he is all taken for music, and she is the man of the house” .

The outburst on Facebook before the disappearance – A few weeks ago, on July 14, the couple released the last track produced together. And in one of her last posts on Facebook she had written “I have nothing left, but slowly if some evenings come I would like to take back my past to go on with the present and the future. If God wants, take back a little mine working life to live, to return to the family, to share everything again “.

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