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A hole in the asphalt. Exactly twenty-four hours after the inauguration ceremony with the first passage of the viaduct made by the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella, the new San Giorgio bridge in Genoa, the former Morandi, is already to be patched. You can’t believe it, but unfortunately that’s what happened yesterday afternoon. A few minutes after the reopening to the public – many who had queued to take part in the event – the first troubles began for the new bridge, the “model” infrastructure considered the symbol of Italy that was getting back on its feet after the tragedy of August 14, 2018 in which – suddenly – the Polcevera viaduct collapsed on itself carrying 43 people. According to the first information, the depression of the road surface of the new bridge designed by the Genoese archistar Renzo Piano, would have been caused by weight of one of the structures set up for the inauguration ceremony. It would be funny, but to think that from here to the next few hours – after having repaired the hole and waiting for the asphalt to dry out – hundreds of trucks will pass daily on the viaduct which, of course, weigh a few tons more than a structure temporary resting on the bridge for a few hours, it shivers and makes you think of how safe it can be the new infrastructure. Made yes in record time, but perhaps in hindsight only in a hurry.


Genoa bridge, Sergio Mattarella with the victims' relatives:

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And without even too many checks. It is enough to remember the controversy of a few weeks ago when it was discovered that the new viaduct should have been crossed at a slower speed than the one on which you traveled on the Morandi bridge. Going from 90 to 70 km per hour. And this is because, to reduce the delivery time of the work, it was chosen and preferred not to modify a curve of the previous viaduct. And although the experts were aware of the situation from the beginning, the news was disclosed only a few days after the acceptance tests. In short, to more than completed works. A fool which is added to the latter fool and which is, inevitably, will cross national borders.

Once again putting ourselves in the sedan in front of Europe and the world. The final sneer was the final inspection a few moments after the reopening from which the need for a finish of the flooring emerged. A hole to patch. Works curated by the commissioner structure that were completed by the technicians of the PerGenova company. However, after two years and a few hours of delay, the San Giorgio bridge and the collapsed section of the A10 motorway is back in operation, still under the management of Autostrade (Aspi). And the more days go by, the more it seems that negotiations between government and Atlantia is running aground altogether. The Benettons, also yesterday during the board of the Ponzano Veneto holding company, Atlantia, confirmed their exit from the concessionary company, but they are thinking of “alternative solutions” – an international auction or a public company to be listed on the stock exchange containing the entire share of 88% held by Atlantia in Autostrade per l’Italia – given the «concrete difficulties» faced by the negotiations with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

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