Morgan 3 Wheeler retro tricycle ends. It sells great

Morgan 3 Wheeler has become quite successful in his career. Since 2011, over 2,500 copies have been built. But now it is over.

The British specialist for retro-styled cars Morgan also offers in its portfolio tricycle 3 Wheeler. It arrived in 2011 and Morgan remembered with it the equally designed tricycle, which it had once produced (between 1932 and 1952). However, after ten years of production, 3 Wheeler must end.

As is often the case today, the reason is emission standards. Next year, the approval for the fork engine from S&S, which drives this unique Morgan, ends. It meets the Euro 4 standard at the most. Instead of replacing it, the company decided to end the production of the 3 Wheeler, in 2021.

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The reason is the emission standards, not the lack of interest of customers. Since 2011, Morgan has built over 2,500 tricycles, making the 3 Wheeler one of the brand’s most successful models in its history.

However, Morgan decided to say goodbye to 3 Wheeler. It will offer a unique edition of P101, referring in its name to the internal development name of the car (Project 101), which will be built in only 33 copies. The price is set at £ 45,000 without tax (about 1.3 million crowns), but all the pieces are already dismantled.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler P101 offers a specific look emphasizing the distinctive style of this tricycle. There is a need for a light composite cover for the front passenger seat, in case you drive in the car alone. Aero wheels or additional Hella lights are also original, which also reduce air turbulence around the suspension.

There are only two body shades available (black and silver), with the car being able to be revived by one of the four graphics on offer. Dazzleship, for example, was inspired by the period camouflage of military vehicles, while the Aviator was colored by RAF aircraft from World War II.

On the contrary, the technology in the bowels does not change, the drive is still taken care of by the S&S two-cylinder fork, which, depending on the emission standard, produces 61 kW (Euro 3) and 51 kW (Euro 4), respectively. It is paired with a five-speed manual, originally from Mazda.

Despite the end of production of the existing Morgan 3 Wheeler, the company has good news for fans of this tricycle. Morgan confirmed without further details that 3 Wheeler will return to production in the future. At the moment, however, it is not clear when and in what form. In any case, the electric variant could be the solution.

Morgan has flirted with it in the past, when he introduced it in 2016 concept called EV3. However, the company was unable to find a suitable supplier of electric motors, so this project was definitively completed this year. However, it is possible that the path of successor 3 Wheeler will go in this direction.


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