Dutch journalist can easily follow up with “secret” …

The Dutch journalist Daniël Verlaan of RTL has succeeded in ‘breaking into’ a secret conference of the ministers of defense of the EU. He had noted that Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld had shared part of the video meeting PIN when she posted a photo of it on social media. “I was a bit shocked that this was successful,” said Verlaan on Twitter.

“You know this is illegal,” said High Representative Josep Borrell to Verlaan when the journalist introduced himself. Verlaan managed to log in to the Zoom meeting below admin and by guessing the rest of the pin code that Bijleveld had accidentally shared.

“I did not expect that there was no other form of security or validation,” said the RTL journalist. “Brussels stated in advance that it was not possible to participate with just the pin code, there would be extra security. They lied. ”

But the “lying” didn’t stop there, according to Verlaan. He received a response from the EU services saying that it had been an “informal meeting” that he attended illegally. “It was a secret, confidential meeting,” Verlaan writes.

In the meantime, French MEP Nathalie Loiseau shared the images of Verlaan on Twitter. “Thank you, Daniël Verlaan, for hacking the conference of the European defense ministers”, it sounds. “In addition to the fact that we had a good laugh, I hope this shows that there are still many security problems with communication within the EU institutions.”


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