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More than 90 people discovered in a Houston house; some had symptoms of COVID-19

HOUSTON – What started with a report of kidnapping in southwest Houston turned out to be something much more serious, Houston Police said Friday.

More than 90 people were discovered inside a modest two-story residence and now the Police are investigating the case as a possible human smuggling operation.

Houston Police posted on their Twitter account that they found 93 people being held against their will in a residence located in the 12210 block of Chessington Drive.

In images that appeared in different newscasts, officers can be seen entering and leaving the residence. Dozens of people were taken from the residence to be transferred to a detention center.

Officials noted that these people will be undergoing rapid tests for COVID-19 to determine if there are some who are infected, given the level of overcrowding in which they were.

Some of the people were reported to have symptoms of COVID-19 such as cough and fever and others who had no sense of smell, authorities said.

In total, there were five women and 88 men who were found in the house.

The deputy chief of police, Patricia Cantú, assured that the authorities were warned of what was happening in that house on Thursday night.

The Police are investigating who the victims are and who is responsible for having put him in that residence.

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