Mizuki to Release X68000 Z Product Edition Black Model – Price Starts at 29,535 Yen on September 28th

Mizuki will release the personal computer “X68000 Z PRODUCT EDITION BLACK MODEL” on September 28th. Reservations are scheduled to start at 00:00 on June 8, and the price starts at 29,535 yen.

This product is a remake version of the personal computer “X68000” released by Sharp in 1987. It will be released on September 28th as a product version that evolved from the “X68000 Z LIMITED EDITION EARLY ACCESS KIT” announced in 2022. The main body is a black color, and compared to the “EARLY ACCESS KIT”, it realizes “closer to the real machine” play.

The product version lineup includes a starter pack that includes the main unit, “Gradius”, and a newly developed controller “JOYCARD”, as well as a basic pack that comes with a keyboard and mouse. In addition, a complete pack that comes with a 5-inch “X68000 Z monitor” and “Game Collection Vol.1” containing multiple titles at the time will also be lined up.

The “EARLY ACCESS KIT” was in a crowdfunding format, but the product version is sold at Amazon’s “Suiki Direct Sales Shop”. Reservations will be accepted from 00:00 on June 8th.

□ Amazon “Zuiki Direct Sales Shop” page

Starter pack (main unit, Gradius, JOYCARD, HDMI cable, USB Type-C cable, system disk, guarantee card, clear file)

Basic pack (includes starter pack plus keyboard and mouse)

Complete pack (In addition to the contents of the basic pack, X68000 Z monitor, game collection Vol.1, X68000 Z theme song CD, UART cable included)

2023-06-07 03:51:44
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