Italian Angler Breaks World Record with Giant Catfish Caught in the Po River

Sportfishing shallows on Italy’s Po River (Photo: Getty Images)

The news that an Italian angler caught a giant catfish in a river flowing through northern Italy has become a hot topic. What I caught was a European giant catfish, a kind of large catfish. It is surprising that it was 2.85 meters in size, breaking the current world record of 2.81 meters for the same species. Will the world record be updated?

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Catch a giant catfish in the Po River in northern Italy

Alessandro Biancardi, a professional fisherman of the MADCAT fishing team, caught a huge European giant catfish. It is said that he went fishing alone that day in a small fishing boat on the Po River in northern Italy. Using a rod and reel, he started looking for fish in the muddy water, and he hit on the first few shots. Something big and powerful bit into the needle.

According to the Miami Herald, which reported on this, Alessandro said, “The fish stayed still for a few seconds, and then a very complicated fight began.” Although Alessandro felt the strength of the fish, it was 40 minutes after the start of the fight with the fish that he was able to confirm the figure. He said he was surprised by its size.

“When the catfish first surfaced, I realized that I had really pulled the monster away. The adrenaline rush and the fear of missing the catfish made me panic, and I’ve never seen one in 23 years.” I was facing the biggest catfish alone.”

Mr. Alessandro tried to catch the catfish, but it was too strong, so he gave up and moved to shallow water with the catfish and pulled it back to land. It turned out that this catfish was 2.85 cm long, 4 cm longer than the world record.

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The world record currently recognized by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) is a 2.81 cm catfish caught by a German angler in April. This time, it was caught in the Po River in northern Italy, the same place where Alessandro caught it. However, Alessandro let the catfish into the river before putting it on the scale, so the weight remains unknown.

“I was very interested in the weight, but didn’t want to put too much stress on the giant catfish, so I decided to release it safely. anglers will get

By the way, the heaviest IGFA certified European giant catfish was recorded in 2010 when it was also caught in the Po River and weighed 298 pounds (approximately 135 kilograms). The measurement of the catfish caught by Alessandro is done in the presence of 10 witnesses, so it may be possible to establish a world record. I’m looking forward to it.

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