Mirarchi: “Closing sports medicine of the ASP will have too many negative consequences”

“The temporary closure but without any indication of a subsequent recovery, due to the Coronavirus emergency, of Sports Medicine of the Asp of Catanzaro, which belongs to department Health of the Calabria Region it is a fact from which a series of consequences derive and unfortunately all negative. It is in fact a serious penalty for a large range of users, – goes on – suddenly left without an essential service to then be able to practice any competitive discipline and more. Of course, there are always private individuals to replace the public deficit, for heaven’s sake. But all this clearly has a cost that is sometimes not easily sustainable for families. I am thinking, for example, of the parents of two or three children between the ages of 12 and 17, who if visited to obtain certification from the staff of the Provincial Health Authority are exempted by law from paying the ticket instead provided for charged to all other applicants for recognition of eligibility. And mind you, we are talking about the age range from which most of the athletes of the various sports come ”.

Thus began, through a press release, the municipal councilor of Catanzaro da Vivere Antonio Mirarchi, who added on the subject: “As an administrator of this city, but in this case also as an operator in the sector, having been a former footballer who later became a coach and manager still in business, I could not fail to be sensitive to the solicitations received regarding a problem that should not be underestimated . In this regard, I wonder how the ASP and the Region, as far as they are concerned, were found unprepared for the resumption, even if partial and with all the necessary precautions, of competitive competitions. Indeed, it seems that the closure of the medical cabinets responsible for certification is due to the lack of adequate anti-Covid clinical aids. An incredible news, I would say, and also inexplicable, considering how almost all the other clinics are regularly open and equipped with the instruments of protection from Sars-Cov-2 contagion ”.



Mirarchi is in short “Dismayed at what is being recorded and adds piqued in his note:” I understand that a little ‘everyone, including those for institutional missions such as the old regional health department should not have been, may have been overwhelmed by Covid. A kind of earthquake that threw us into turmoil. But now there has been enough time to react, not being caught unprepared. Here then I find it really unfortunate how a traditionally constantly operational sector such as Sports Medicine which carries out over 3,000 (three thousand) visits during the year, sometimes with the surgeries operating even in the afternoon to allow working mothers and fathers to accompany their own children in the hours of rest, now let him be inactive ”.

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