4 Fruits to Maintain Body Immunity during the Transition Season

SUKABUMIUPDATE.comTransition season often makes the body more susceptible to disease. This of course will interfere with daily activities.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain immunity or endurance to stay fit during the transition season.

And one way to care body immunity is to eat fruit. Launching from the page hellosehat.com, here are four fruits that can maintain immunity in the transition season.

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Orange fruit

Just like guava, orange is also a fruit that is high in vitamin C. One large orange can fulfill about 35-42% of daily vitamin C needs.

A study published by Nutriens (2017) shows that this vitamin C can help stimulate white blood cells which play a role in attacking bacteria in parts of the body affected by infection.

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At the same time, this vitamin can also protect body tissues damaged by infection.

Guava Seeds

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