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Minister of Interior Addresses Police Shooting in San Antonio: “It Could be a Homicide with an Unknown Perpetrator”

The Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohá, addressed the police procedure that took place this Saturday night in San Antionio, in which a police officer used his service weapon to kill a subject who ran over another police officer.

The Secretary of State emphasized the seriousness of the situation registered during a vehicle control since “It could be a homicide with an unknown perpetrator“.

“The policeman could have died yesterday and he did not die, and I want to say it, because we have had several officials injured who have not died, who have not been left in a critical situation either, and that It’s a risk we take every day. and a reason for great concern,” said Minister Tohá in an interview with meganews.

Regarding the dynamics of the event, Carolina Tohá pointed out that “the process of the police officer who shot is going to have to be defined by justice. I am not a judge.”

It has to be established what objective the shot had, if it is to avoid an injury or death of a person, or to avoid an escape“, explained the head of the Interior during the conversation.

However, Tohá specified that according to the Naín-Retamal law “if the police officer acts and uses his weapon in the face of a threat against his life or that of a third party, we will assume that he did it correctly, unless the contrary is proven“.

The uniformed man was injured but is stable, admitted to the Police Hospital. In this sense, the person in charge of the Interior and Public Security pointed out that “we have to be more incisive in the fight against these crimes, but without further exposing our police officers.”

Regarding support for the institution, Minister Carolina Tohá said that “in the case of the police, this support has to be very forceful, because the police officers expose themselves for us, if they feel that the support is not forceful, they simply do not expose themselves.” .

It is worth mentioning that the policeman who used his service weapon was released.

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