Milena’s Controversial Decision: Employees Forced to Pay for Company Jackets

Milena’s Controversial Decision: Employees Forced to Pay for Company Jackets

Tuesday will apparently be a day when no one can show gratitude for what others do for them. Milena wants the employees to represent her company, but forces them to pay for new jackets that no one will be interested in. Kateřina can run around because of Vilma, but the moody patient doesn’t appreciate that one bit.

Milena will not be thanked for the company jackets

A booth for the employees of mom’s new company Druhá chánsé will prepare the promised jackets with which they should represent. However, it turns out that they would have to pay for them out of their own money, which they understandably don’t like. After all, they didn’t even want any jackets, it was all Milena’s idea. Radek told her from the beginning that it was pointless. Instead of helping her convince the employee, he advises her to learn from her mistake and realize that not every investment will pay off. However, Milena resolutely declares that as a director who commands everything, she can deal with a bunch of disobedient employees on her own. Well, good luck, Milena.

Radek told Milena that those jackets were not a good idea. | Source: TV Nova

The unbearable patient Vilma wears Kateřina down

Perhaps all members of Nyklo’s clan are busy with work. There will be nothing left to care for Vilma again Catherinewhich the disobedient patient is already beginning to exhaust. Nyklová complains about the uncomfortable bed and the bad tea, and constantly declares that she is a cripple and will never recover. He still refuses to eat on the grounds that he isn’t hungry and doesn’t need energy when he just rolls around in bed all day.

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In short, Vilma is as nasty as a tenement house, so it’s no wonder that Kateřina has to go downstairs to the bistro to take a breather. There, Vendula flies from one customer to another and barely keeps up. She is already trying hard to find a part-time worker, but she can’t help with her grandmother at the moment, even though she would like to. Lumir has a lot of duties at the town hall, and he is with his mother during the night, when Nyklová can’t sleep because she sleeps all day.

The only bright spot for Kateřina is the moment when Lexik arrives home with the earnings from Pavel. She offers grandma a sausage in exchange for the strawberry dumplings that Kateřina cooked for her, and Vilma ends up organizing at least something.

Beaten Tomášek apologizes to Jirko, but only angers him more

When Dalibor Tomášek did not arrive at the filming of the next episode of the podcast and did not even give any reason, Jirka got really angry with him. However, it was on Tuesday that Tomášek came personally to Gábina’s door to apologize, because he couldn’t call due to the loss of his mobile phone. He has a purple eye, an injured hand, and overall he looks pretty set up. He admits that it is related to the case of his teacher’s murder, which is a very personal and sensitive matter for him.

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But Jirka gets even more upset because of this, because they promised themselves that they would not interfere in this old matter anymore and play private detectives. They argue and Tomášek prefers to leave again so as not to make the situation even worse. Gábina then declares that she doesn’t want him to come to their house, and Jirka promises to take care of it next time. It is certainly understandable that neither she nor Šimon wants to see the journalist.

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